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Making a change


Many people consider hypnotherapy because they want to make a change in their life but they feel as though something is stopping them. They know what they want to do, but somehow they can’t do it!

Hypnosis to stop smoking
Hypnosis to cut down drinking alcohol
Hypnosis for phobias and fears stress


It could be that they want a bit of extra help with stopping smoking, cutting down on their drinking, increasing their confidence, or reducing their stress levels. Some people have an aversion or fear that is affecting their life and they wish they could just let go of it.


Hypnosis can be effective in helping with these and other issues. Unfortunately, it is often dismissed because exaggerated claims have been made about its effectiveness. This is a pity because the benefits of hypnosis need no exaggeration. Scientifically credible studies of hypnosis show us that it is not a mysterious or magical process: it is the focused use of the psychological capabilities that we use every day.